Byroads is a small and exciting travel company with a well-established pedigree.


Steve Mortimer

Having spent almost 30 years in the travel business   and visiting well over 100 countries I am thrilled to be able to dedicate my energies and expertise to my own specialist tour company, Byroads Travel. After leaving school and following a short stint in the military I started working as an overland leader taking groups   of adventurers across South America and Africa, and later Asia.  Since those earlier days I’ve had the   pleasure of working in both the adventure and luxury travel fields holding a variety of positions including 13 years as a Product Manager and later Operations Director   for Peregrine Adventures.  Along the way   I’ve lived and worked in Egypt, Turkey and Argentina before finally teaming up with Byroads in 2015 as a tour leader and facilitator. In November 2016 I took over the business from the company’s founder, Richard Mole.

At Byroads not only do I undertake to research the new tours for the Byroads program but I travel with almost all of my company’s groups as the Tour Facilitator. My aim is to provide Byroads travellers with the best holiday experience possible.  I love introducing people to new places, cultures and experiences and I like nothing better than getting off the beaten track searching out special places which often become the highlight of my tours.


Richard Mole

Byroads was founded by Richard Mole in 2011. Its aim was to offer tours that encompassed not just the highlights of a given destination, but to take travellers to lesser-known areas that would add depth and interest to the tour.

Richard’s particular interest is the Middle East, where he lived for several years in the early 1980’s, and the first tours focused on the Islamic art and cultures of Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Iran and Uzbekistan.
Richard remains ‘in the background’ as  friend and adviser.


Our Tour Leaders

In addition to the Tour Facilitator all Byroads trips have the services of a local Tour Leader. On tour our leaders have great familiarity with every destination. This means our groups enjoy a more in-depth experience than they might otherwise have if they were doing it alone. Along the way we employ local guides at different sites whose particular knowledge and expertise adds further interest; it’s a great combination and one which ensures our travellers get the most out of their trip with us.