Cuba Tour 2018

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February 18 – March 3, 2018.   Tour closed. Next tour 17 Feb 2019.

Provisional Price: USD 4145 per person (twin share); Single supplement USD 845

It may seem at times that the clock has been stopped for decades in Cuba, that it’s been trapped in a time warp and yet slowly Cuba is emerging into a new, more modern and somewhat uncertain era.   It’s obvious that changes are afoot but for now at least it remains a wonderful mix of colourful revolutionary history, faded colonial mansions, vintage cars, glistening Caribbean beaches, incredibly friendly people and everywhere the sounds and rhythm of Afro-Cuban music.

Discovered by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus on his journey to the Americas in 1492, Cuba has at various times belonged to both the Spanish and British Crowns and was even briefly ruled by the U.S. military before gaining independence in 1902. Political corruption and a series of despotic rulers culminated in the overthrow of the dictator Batista and so began the Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro.

Our Byroads tour of Cuba is comprehensive and has been crafted to let you experience the many historical and cultural aspects of this island nation.  Along the way we will discover the secrets of Cuban rum, roll our own Cuban cigar and enjoy dinners in Paladares – small family run restaurants in the homes of local Cubans. There’s time to dance the salsa, enjoy the rhythms of Cuban Son, hike in the hills and lay back on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean.

Beginning in Havana we explore the colonial streets, discovering the city’s colourful culture and learning the compelling history of the country. We then head eastward to Cienfuegos, stopping to swim at the infamous Bay of Pigs. There is time to reflect on the Cuban revolution at the Che Guevara memorial before continuing on to charming Trinidad town. In the centre of the island is Camaguey where we travel the narrow streets by bicycle taxi and in Cuba’s second city of Santiago de Cuba we climb to the turrets of San Pedro Fort.  A tour highlight is a local ferry ride to the tiny island of Cayo Granma, a tiny fishing village with red-roofed wooden houses.

Finally we arrive in Baracoa, Cuba’s oldest and most isolated town at the eastern most end of the island. There’s time here to relax and unwind before flying back to Havana and our trips end.

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Note:  This tour combines perfectly with our 15 Days ‘Mexico & the Yucatan’ tour..

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