Jordan Tour 2019

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8 DAYS      28 Oct – 4 Nov, 2019

Provisional Price: USD 1925 per person (twin share); Single supplement USD 300

Jordan has fascinated visitors for centuries with its stunning desert landscapes, a plethora of ancient towns and amazing World Heritage sites. It is comfortable, safe and welcoming and is one of the region’s most rewarding destinations. The local culture of hospitality stems from the country’s deep roots in its Bedouin history. Although modern day Jordan is a relatively new country compared to its larger neighbours the region has been traversed by camel caravans and Nabataean traders plying the legendary King’s Highway for centuries whilst Roman legions, Muslim armies and the Crusaders have all swept through this ancient land on their journeys of conquest. Although largely desert, Jordan has lush farming lands, dramatic mountains and beautiful beaches. Crusader castles and ancient churches dot the countryside and there are the enduring sites of Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea and the jewel in the crown of the country’s many antiquities, wonderful Petra, the ancient Nabataean city carved into the pink sandstone cliffs in Jordan’s southwestern desert.

Our journey begins in Amman the Jordanian capital from where we travel north to the ancient city of Jerash. The city has been the site of an unbroken chain of human occupation dating back more than 6500 years having reached its golden age under Roman rule. Even today the greco-roman ruins are an impressive site. Later we descend to the Dead Sea, whose salt enriched waters are known for their healing properties. Turning southward we travel on to Aqaba which fronts the warm waters of the Red Sea and there’s time here to swim before the short drive to magnificent Wadi Rum, one of the most spectacular desert valleys in the Middle East. We spend the night in a luxurious bedouin style encampment, climb sand dunes, and enjoy a camel ride at sunset.

Leaving the desert valley behind us we head to the ancient Nabataean site of Petra, one of the most celebrated sites in the region. The view of the ancient Treasury building as you enter through the narrow gap in the Siq canyon is breath taking. Enroute back to Amman we visit the imposing 12th Century Shoback Crusader castle and take a stroll through the ancient villages of Dana and Madaba.

To quick view or download our colour brochure on Jordan, Click here.

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