Byroads Travel introduces a new 16 day tour in the South Caucasus that explores the tiny nations of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Join Byroads on this fascinating cultural journey through these three lessor known countries of Europe.

AZERBAIJAN Through ancient and medieval periods, Azerbaijan straddled the Silk Road between Europe and the East and was at the crossroads of three civilizations – the old Christian Mediterranean, Zoroastrian Iranian and Muslim Turkic. As you travel through Azerbaijan you can see ancient caravanserai, centuries old mosques as well as Zoroastrian fire temples. These ancient buildings contrast with the stunning new architecture that dominate the skyline of modern Baku, all made possible by the wealth that Caspian sea oil has brought to this tiny country.

GEORGIA – In predominantly Christian Orthodox Georgia it feels like Europe. The country has quickly cast off its Soviet shackles and with its stunning mountain scenery, ancient towns and compelling history it presents as a unique holiday destination. From its mountain-top monasteries to its valley-floor vineyards, and from its warm hospitality and tasty Turkish-style food Georgia presents itself as a very special haven in the Caucasus.

ARMENIA – Armenia is an ancient land and considered to be the first Christian nation. It has a complex historical legacy that has sometimes been laced with great tragedy including the 1915-17 genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. The Armenians are however a resilient, practical and friendly people. The beautiful and dramatic countryside is dotted with medieval monasteries whilst the capital of Yerevan, back dropped by Mt Ararat, is the centre of cultural activity and progressive thought with a lively modern arts scene.

The Byroads ‘South Caucasus trip starts in Baku on the 13th of May 2019.  Click here for all the details or visit