Departing Mexico City on 5th of March 2021


Discover two very different countries on this wonderful Latin America adventure.


In Mexico City we tour the colonial and pre-Colombian sites of this ancient Aztec capital before heading to the giant pyramids at nearby Teotihuacan. On our way to Taxco we stop at a museum dedicated to the artist Frida Kahlo and take a boat ride through the narrow canals at Xochimilco. Taxco and Puebla are two of Mexico’s best preserved colonial towns whilst colourful Oaxaca is well known for its handicrafts and the ancient ceremonial Zapotec site of Monte Alban. Flying to Tuxtla we then take a boat ride through the impressive Sumidero Canyon and continue to San Cristobal de las Casas where we enjoy the rich indigenous culture of the city and its nearby villages.


Next come the great Mayan archaeological sites of Palenque and Uxmal and following a visit to Campeche and Merida we arrive to explore the world famous Mayan archaeological complex at Chichen Itza. The last of our ancient sites are the spectacular Mayan cliff top ruins at Tulum. The Mexican part of our tour ends at Playa del Carmen where we enjoy spectacular beaches before flying directly to Cuba where our holiday continues.


Our Byroads tour around Cuba is comprehensive and has been crafted to let you experience the many historical and cultural aspects of this island nation. Beginning in Havana we explore the colonial streets, discovering the city’s colourful culture and learning the compelling history of the country. We then fly to Baracoa, Cuba’s oldest and most isolated town at the eastern most end of the island. There’s time here to relax and enjoy the natural surrounds before continuing on to Cuba’s second city of Santiago de Cuba where we climb to the turrets of San Pedro Fort. A tour highlight is a local ferry ride to the tiny island of Cayo Granma, a tiny fishing village with red‐roofed wooden houses.


In Camaguey we explore the narrow streets by bicycle taxi before reaching charming Trinidad town. There is time to reflect on the Cuban revolution at the Che Guevara memorial in Santa Clara and from Cienfuegos we stop to swim at the infamous Bay of Pigs before arriving back in lively Havana.

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DAYS 1 & 2 – Mexico City, DAY 3 Teotihuacan & Mexico City, DAY 4 Taxco, DAY 5 – Puebla, DAYS 6 & 7 – Monte Alban & Oaxaca, DAYS 8 & 9 San Cristobal, DAY 10 – Palenque, DAY 11 – Campeche, DAY 12 – Uxmal & Merida, DAYS 13 & 14 – Chichen Itza & Playa del Carmen, DAY 15 – Playa del Carmen, DAYS 16 – 18 – Havana, DAYS 19 & 20 – Baracoa, DAYS 21 – 23 Santiago & Cayo Granma, DAY 24 – Camaguey, DAYS 25 & 26 – Trinidad, DAY 27 Santa Clara & Cienfuegos, DAY 28 – Bay of Pigs & Havana, DAY 29 – End Havana.

Provisional Cost: USD $8990

Provisional Single Supplement: USD $1970

Early Bird Offer: Book before 30 June 2019 and take off USD $175 from the tour price

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