Registan Uzbekistan Tour

Owner of Byroads Travel, Steve Mortimer has just returned from escorting the Byroads 2018 tour of Uzbekistan. This 13 day tour at the cross roads of the ancient Silk Road has been an enormous success with everyone in the group returning home with great memories of this incredible region.


With such a great response from Byroads travellers on this recent trip and following the launch on Australian television of Joanna Lumley’s 4 part series ‘Silk Road Adventure’ Steve has decided to run another tour in 2019.


The new 13 day Uzbekistan tour will depart from Tashkent on the 18th of August 2019. For full details Click Here


Some episodes of the ‘Silk Road Adventure’ can be still viewed on ABC iview, including the episode on Uzbekistan. This breathtaking 11,000 km odyssey from Venice to the Chinese border explores the ancient Silk Road and includes Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Uzbekistan.  Byroads has tours to all these incredible destinations.  Details can be found on the byroads website at

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