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Tourism Bounces Back in Egypt & Jordan – Steve Mortimer

In June of this year I spent a few days in Egypt catching up with some of the many friends I made during my time working in the region. I was so pleased to hear that the tourism sector has finally started to bounce back after several catastrophic years that saw tourist numbers drop in some areas by as much as 70%. Since the Arab Spring of 2011, Egypt had been viewed as a risky tourist destination despite its unrivaled natural landscapes, history, and culture. However, tourists have recently begun returning in droves as stability returns and the hospitality sector is growing as a result. Colleagues in the Egyptian tourism sector have shared that forward bookings are up by 65% over last year which is fantastic news.  At this rate a Byroads trip to Egypt is on the cards for 2020 so stay tuned.


Jordanian Guard Petra


Across the Gulf of Aqaba from Egypt, tourism in the small Kingdom of Jordan is again booming.  Originally Jordan suffered a significant downturn in tourism as a result of the general concern surrounding the Arab Spring. Tourists often look to combine Egypt and Jordan together and many had put their plans to visit Jordan on hold.  Today the hotels are full and the great sites of Wadi Rum and the wonderful ancient Nabataean city of Petra are again alive with the sound of tourists. The Byroads 8 Days tour Kingdom of Jordan starts in Amman on the 28th of October 2019 and it  can be combined with Oman to make up our 15 Days Oman & Jordan tour starting in Muscat on the 21st of October 2019.

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